Welcome to Chocolate Sensation Patisserie.

Wide Variety of Fine Cakes, Breads and Food. Chocolate Sensation Patisserie provides cakes, breads ( sour dough breads, organic breads and specialty breads ), pastries, tarts, savouries, hot and cold refreshments, great coffee and chai, teas and more.

Great Meals Served For You. Chocolate Sensation offers great breakfast, lunch and afternoon menu choices (See our Retail Menu) at our Belgrave location.

Wholesale Cakes and Breads. Looking for quality cakes and specialty breads for use in your restaurant or catering business. Chocolate Sensation is located in Belgrave, Victoria also provides wholesale cakes and wholesale breads and more (See our Wholesale Menu).

Chocolate Sensation Patisserie. A great place to eat in Belgrave with beautiful cakes, breads and other pastries for any occasion or event. You can organise catering for your next event, bitrthday or business function ( See our Catering menu ).

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